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Yol Du Hi by Charonspass
Yol Du Hi
You're probably going to see this guy quite often from now on. People, meet Halicarnasse : an old, old dragon who managed to have his heart stolen - litteraly Oh Noes! He may look a bit hard on this picture, but he's just angry. Otherwise, he's a smiling, nice and helpful fellow.
Oh, by the way, the subtitles in dovah (the dragons' language in Skyrim c: ) read : "May the fire eat you"

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The Crowned One by Charonspass
The Crowned One
:bulletblue: Once again, a picture drawn thanks to a great photo from :iconylluzion: ! The girl in the picture is actually a common friend of ours 8D I wanted to do it in black and white, like the original picture, but then, I listened to Journey's OST and boom, this happened.
Made almost entirely on Sai

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Beetle Priestess by Charonspass
Beetle Priestess
A few months ago, I tried semi realism again after a long time sticking to my usual style of drawing. So, I took a photo my talented friend :iconylluzion: took of a beautiful model, and voilà !
Made mostly on Sai, details and things here and there done on Phososhop CS6

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BFFs by Charonspass
Oh my GOD, it's been so bloody long since I posted anything here ! 
I apologize for my very long silence, but things IRL have been pretty busy for me for the past few months - and it's probably not gonna be better soon. Oh well, I'll see.
Those two nice fellas over there are miss Freyhir and mister Flint Otomaï. Freyhir lost her arm when she was little due to an accident, and Flint made her a new one with wires and gears, and a little bit of alchemy too. And as you can see, the two get along quite well ... c:
Also, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to every person who favorited my work or commented it or gave me a llama. It means a lot, and I'll take the time to answer to each and every one of you. Love you :heart:

Done on Sai and Photoshop CS6
Flint © :iconkimihoto:

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Hello there !

It's been a while since I posted a journal entry. Well, now it's time for me to finally open commissions

... Well, it's the very first time I do this, so I hope I won't screw everything.

:star:What can you ask from me ?:star:

:bulletgreen:What I'll draw :

- Characters
- Fanarts
- Realistic portraits
- Landscapes (quite simple though)
- Etc ...

:bulletred:What I won't draw :

- Mecha
- Hentai
- Complicated landscapes

:star:How does it work ?:star:

- You must send me a note with : what kind of commission you want ; what you want me to draw with at least one reference picture ; how you will pay.
- I'll do a sketch that I'll show you. If you like it, you'll have to pay before I start the final drawing.
- I'll send you a high resolution picture of the final result by note, and post a lower quality version on my gallery unless you don't want me to do it.
- As soon as I'll start the final drawing, I'll give myself one week to finish it. Please don't forget that I have a life and school to deal with too.
- Prices can be renegociated depending on how many characters you want and/or the complexity of the drawing.
- For traditional commissions : if you want me to send you the original, you'll have to pay the shipping fees.

:star:What can you have ?:star:

:bulletblue:Traditional art :

*Pencil :

- Simple pencil sketches | 4€/5$ :…
- Shaded and detailed pencil art | 5€/6,5$ :…
- Pencil portraits | 8€/10$ :…

*Ink, watercolors, color pencils, etc ... :

- Inked drawing | 5€/6,5$ :…
- Watercolors | 8€/10$ :…
- Color pencils | 7€/9$

*Mixed media :

- Pencil sketch + simple digital colors | 5€/6,5$ :
- Pencil drawing + detailed digital colors | 7€/9$ :…

:bulletblue:Digital art :

- Simple drawing/flat colors | 5€/6,5$ :…
- Simple drawing/cel shading | 6/8$ :…
- Detailed cel shading | 8€/10$ :…
- Digital portrait | 10€/13$ :
- Digital drawing (detailed) | 15€/20$ :…

:bulletblue:"Special" :

- "Shattered" picture | 15€/20$ :
- Fake screenshot | 15€/20$ :

:star:How can you pay ?:star:

- Via Paypal ; my e-mail for the payment is
- Pour les Français : possibilité de régler par chèque, me demander mon adresse par note.

I'll open five slots to begin with.



Eugénie Mach

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